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Destination Sydney Housing Overview

On the Destination Sydney program, you will live in Sydney arranged housing with other Destination Sydney students or study abroad students.


You will live in furnished apartments with other Destination Sydney study abroad students near University of Sydney's campus. The commute is about a 10-15 minute walk, depending on where you are going on campus. The apartments are located close to public transportation and are in a well-established neighborhood where you will be surrounded by local families. You will be responsible for cooking your own meals and doing your own laundry.

You will share a room with one other person (with one roommate request allowed), though you may have up to 8 people per apartment. You will find out the address of your apartment once you arrive at orientation.

What's included?

The apartments are fully-furnished and equipped with bed linens and towels, cooking utensils, a desk, wireless internet, access to a washing machine, stove, oven, and refrigerator. There may not be a microwave or clothes dryer in your apartment (which is customary)!


Housing is paid for in your Program Fee. Meals are not included in the cost of housing. Students who cause unnecessary damage to the apartments will be held responsible for any fees and will have a block put on their UMD registration.

Engaging with Australian culture while living in school arranged apartments

Living with other American students in an apartment means that you will need to take the initiative to seek out local friends and experiences. However, living in an apartment can provide an opportunity for daily interaction with Australian neighbors. You can develop rapport with your neighbors, whom you may see frequently. You will frequent the same local markets and stores in your neighborhood, allowing you the opportunity to develop relationships with those in your community. It will take effort on your part to make friends with other tenants in your building or other local college students in Sydney - but it can be done! You will, of course, need to respect the fact that you will be in a communal living arrangement. You'll have to be conscious of your noise level as not to disturb your neighbors and possibly jeopardize future students from living in the building. There are "quiet hours" in residential apartments, and as a guest in Australia for a semester, you're expected to abide by them.