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Visa Guidelines - Italy

Review the Italy Visa FAQs

In order to study abroad in Italy for a semester, you must apply for and obtain a student visa before you go. A student visa is a stamp in your passport that grants you permission by the Italian government to live and study in that country. The type of visa you receive is specific to the length of your stay and your country of origin. Most student visas dictate that you are a full-time student at a host university and that you will not be working while abroad. The visa will be stamped in your passport. You will also need to complete paperwork for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission to Stay) upon arrival in Italy. You should receive instructions from your Italian Host Institution on how to receive your Permit of Stay.

You will need to apply for your student visa between 90 and 30 days before your program start date. Begin gathering the required documents now so that you may submit your visa application paperwork within the specified time window at the Italian Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over your place of residence.

Please locate the Italian Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over your place of residence here: Italian Consulates in the United States. Many consulates require that you submit your application in person and that you make an appointment online. If you are not able to apply for your visa in person, depending on the consulate, you may send another person to apply on your behalf or you may apply by mail. Most consulates do not accept mailed applications.
NON-U.S. CITIZENS: You may need to follow a slightly different process to gain permission to study in Italy so please start this process early. Review the Italian Consulate's website for your jurisdiction for more information and visit the UMD Office of International Services to notify them that you will be studying abroad for an extended period of time.

Supporting Documents for Italian Student Visa
The following is a list of visa application materials required by many Visa Offices. Please be aware that requirements can change without notice and will vary by consulate, so it is your responsibility to check for the most recent requirements at your consulate of jurisdiction. Consular offices may also request additional documents at their own discretion.

Do not staple any documents that you turn into the consulate.
  • National Visa Application Form + 1 photocopy (can be found on the website of your consulate). Please review guidelines for completing this form.
  • 1 recent official passport photo (can be obtained at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, purchased for a fee)
  • Passport valid for at least six months after your planned return to the U.S. (you must submit your original passport and not just a photocopy, factor 4-6 weeks to renew your passport if necessary) + 1 photocopy of the photo and signature pages
  • Enrollment letter from Italian Host University(in Italian) + 1 photocopy, demonstrating:
    • Proof of enrollment at Italian Host University
    • Declaration of the availability in Italy of appropriate lodgings
    • Declaration that you will purchase the state-sponsored insurance Assitalia when you arrive in Italy, as required by Italian Police
      (Education Abroad will provide this document to students)
  • Round-trip airline ticket to and from Italy + 1 photocopy (open-ended or one-way tickets will not suffice; printed itineraries with student name and confirmation number are acceptable
  • Proof of sufficient funds + 1 photocopy. The required minimum allowance per month varies by consulate, and with the current exchange rate, sometimes up to $1,100 per month. Check with your consulate for the exact amount and documents required. Financial guarantee may be presented in one of the following ways:
1.If a parent/guardian is financially responsible for you: he/she will have to provide a letter from his/her bank on bank letterhead signed by a bank official with a recent date (Sample Bank Letter) and a completed Affidavit of Support Form. If you are receiving financial aid to support your study abroad, the UMD Office of Financial Aid can provide an financial aid verification letter upon request.

2.If you are financially responsible for yourself, present a letter from your bank on official letterhead signed by a bank official with a recent date Sample Bank Letter) indicating your account balance. If you are receiving financial aid to support your study abroad, the UMD Office of Financial Aid can provide a financial aid verification letter upon request.
  • Proof of unlimited and worldwide health insurance coverage provided in the form of a letter from your insurance carrier confirming coverage in the Schengen countries (not only Italy) for the minimum amount provided by the law (Euro 30,000.00). The insurance must be in your name and cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and emergency hospital treatment. Program dates must be indicated on the document + 1 photocopy

    All University of Maryland students will be enrolled in the UMD CISI International Health Insurance. A copy of your Consular Letter will be emailed to you at the time of enrollment and you will also receive login information to see the plan and to print additional Consular Letters and your paper insurance card.
  • Documentation of educational history in the U.S., demonstrated by:
    • Enrollment verification letter from University of Maryland (provided by Education Abroad Office) + 1 photocopy

  • Official UMD transcript in a sealed envelope, available from Mitchell Building front desk (Not applicable to Destination Rome)

  • Copy of UMD student ID + 1 photocopy (Official ID for Destination Rome ONLY; ex: Driver's License)
  • If your passport with visa will be mailed to you rather than picking it up in person at the consulate: one pre-paid, self-addressed FEDEX/Express Mail envelope is REQUIRED, using flat-rate unmetered postage (required by Philadelphia consulate). The New York consulate requires you to sign a waiver declaration to have your passport returned by mail (other consulates may require similar waivers). The DC embassy will not send your passport back via mail.
** There is a visa fee for students applying for the national study visa. **
The embassy requires students studying in Italy to pay a fee for the National Study Visa; the fee can be different at different consulates but is typically equivalent to 50 euros– check your consulate for the up-to-date fee prior to leaving for your appointment!  Different consulates only accept specific forms of payment; be sure to research this in advance as well.  Supporting Documents for Permesso di Soggiorno (completed in Italy)
  • Original Passport with Italian Visa
  • 1 copy of each page of your PASSPORT
  • 1 copy of the "CERTIFICATO DI ISCRIZIONE" which is the Acceptance Letter, in Italian, written on the University's letterhead that the Consulate has stamped and given back to you with the visa (if the consulate stamped only the letter in English, please use that).
  • 1 copy of your CISI Health Insurance Card (you need to log on to your CISI portal to print it out)
Make copies of all application documents and keep them for your records!