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Visa Guidelines - Israel

You will require a student visa to enter and remain in Israel for the duration of your participation on your study abroad program.  These guidelines provide an overview of the process of how to obtain the student visa.  Please read through ALL information before you begin the process.

Some notes:
  • You need a passport in order to travel abroad and get your visa.  If you do not yet have a passport, you must apply immediately!
  • Our aim is to provide the most accurate information that is available to us however, requirements and regulations are subject to change without our knowledge.  It is your responsibility to check for updates on the Israeli Embassy website. 
  • The information provided here is specifically for U.S. Citizens.  If you are not a US Citizen, please check with the Israeli Embassy to see if you require a student visa. 
  • Students who are studying abroad for a semester or more at an Israeli University or College, should apply for the “A/2 Student (also sometimes referred to as Temporary Resident) Visa”
  • The turnaround time for the visa can be from 2 -5 weeks.  Please make sure to give yourself enough time to apply and receive your visa prior to departure to Israel.  
  • In order to obtain the student visa you will need to present yourself to the proper Israeli Consulate responsible for your jurisdiction.  For UMD students, it is highly recommended that you go to the office of Consular Services at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C.
    • Embassy of Israel
      3514 International Drive, N.W.
      Washington D.C., 20008
      Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30AM - 1:00PM, Friday 9:30AM - 10:30AM

Required forms for your visa:
(Bring original and one photocopy of each document.  We also recommend that you make photocopies for your own personal records)
  1. Completed and signed visa application to enter Israel
  2. 2 passport-sized photos (these can be obtained at a photo shop or any convenience store such as a CVS or Walgreens with a photo center).
  3. Acceptance letter from recognized Israeli institution.
  4. Proof of financial means for stay in Israel and ability to pay all fees for program abroad including letter of financial support and bank statement from supporting person (see Sample Financial Guarantee Letter for Israel).
  5. Flight itinerary to Israel (sometimes requested by consulate; best to have with you just in case).
  6. Passport that is valid at least 6 months after the end of your studies in Israel.
  7. Payment of A/2 Student Visa Fee.  Current fee is set at $50.00. Payable by cash or money order only. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!
Please feel free to contact Education Abroad with any questions.