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Unapproved Study Abroad Programs

EA is committed to working with students to participate on high quality, accredited opportunities for study abroad. Students are encouraged to speak with an EA regional advisor to find a suitable academic program for their academic requirements.

Summer & Winter Programs in China

Education Abroad is aware of an increasing number of private organizations in the People’s Republic of China that offer programs hosted on the campuses of local universities or on-line The stated mission of these programs is to offer Western-style curricula to students in China. These organizations recruit Chinese students who are matriculated in U.S. degree programs to take summer courses to be transferred back to their respective programs in the U.S.

Education Abroad, International Students and Scholars Services, the Office of China Affairs and the UMD Registrar have conducted a review and have determined that these types of programs are not an extension of the host institution and are therefore not accredited as study abroad programs. UMD retains the right to deny study abroad transfer credit from non-accredited programs.

As of February 2015, UMD will not accept transfer credit from the above mentioned types of programs.  This includes but is not limited to SIE: International Summer Sessions, LION Education International, and the Jinan University Summer Session.

Programs at Language Study Centers
UMD will not approve programs that are hosted at language study centers and which are not recognized by the local authority for higher education accreditation or the ministry of education in the host country.