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Maryland-in-Florence Academic Overview

This overview provides information about the academics of the Maryland-in-Florence program:

Academic Structure

Maryland-in-Florence semester students will enroll in a certain number of credits, depending on their program of study:
  • General Studies (12-17 credits)
  • Architecture (14-18 credits)
  • Physics (12-16 credits) - Fall semester only 
All semester students are required to take one Italian language course for a total of 4 credits. Please note that UMD credit will only be granted for language courses taken above the level of Italian already received at UMD. Credit will not be awarded for repeated courses or courses at a lower level than that already received at UMD.

Because Maryland-in-Florence students enroll in courses at ISI Florence, availability of courses changes every semester and UMD Education Abroad cannot guarantee there will be enough space in every course requested. Courses may also be cancelled before the start of the semester. Students should refer to the ISI Florence website to see which courses are being offered for their chosen semester.

Credit and Transcripts

Maryland-in-Florence Course Offerings
Maryland-in-Florence offers resident credit courses.

Students who choose to take courses at ISI Florence that are not approved by UMD may not receive academic credit for them. Students who drop a course after ISI Florence’s Add/Drop period will receive a W on their Maryland transcript for that course.

Please note that grades from the term in Florence are not posted until at least 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester in which a student studies abroad.