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Spain Visa Guidelines

In order to study in Spain for a term of more than 90 days, you must have a student long-stay visa. The visa will be stamped in your passport and you will show this when you enter and leave the country.  These guidelines provide an overview of the process of how to obtain a student visa. You must apply for a visa between 90 and 35 days prior to departure so please plan accordingly.

Please read through ALL information before you begin the visa process. Some initial considerations:

  • Our aim is to provide you with the most accurate information that is available to us however, requirements and regulations are subject to change without our knowledge. It is your responsibility to read through instructions and updates available on the Spanish Embassy Website.
  • All currently registered UMD students are eligible and strongly encouraged to make their application at the Spanish Consulate in Washington DC. However, you may refer to the Embassy's list of consulates to see which one is responsible for issuing your visa based on your permanent address or your University's location. If you are a student who has a permanent address in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Delaware you MUST apply for your student visa through the DC Consulate.
  • You will be required to leave your passport at the consulate during the processing of your visa (which takes approximately 6 weeks). Therefore, you cannot leave the country during this time.
  • The information provided here is specifically for U.S. citizens. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with the Spanish Embassy to see if you are required to have a student visa and any differing/additional requirements.
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (for Spanish Consulate in Washington, D.C. Instructions and forms required may differ for other Consulate locations)
  1. Collect all forms and documents that are required for the visa (noted below)
  2. Make a copy of each document for your records
  3. Bring all originals and copies with you to the Spanish Consulate in DC.
  • Location: 2375 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington D.C. 20037 (accessible by Metro - Orange/Blue/Silver line, Foggy Bottom metro stop).
  • Walk-in Hours for visa processing: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. It is recommended to get there early during peak season (June/July and October/November). You do not need an appointment.
  • You will be leaving your passport at the consulate.
  1. One (1) visa application form legibly filled out and signed
  2. Original passport and copy signed and valid for a period of six months beyond your last day of stay in Spain:
    • Your passport will need at least 2 blank pages for your visa and entry stamp
    • If you are not a USA citizen you must show proof of migratory status/legal residency in the US (Alien Registration Card/Green Card or US Visa with I-20/AP-66 - except B1-B2).
  3. Proof of residency/study in consulate's jursdiction area (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina) with:
    • Driver's license with address in jurisdiction area; or
    • UMD University ID card
  4. One (1) recent passport-sized photograph with a white background (can be purchased at CVS or any photo store)
  5. Proof of Financial Means during your stay: please provide one of the following:
    1. Proof of financial aid or scholarship for a minimum of $1,000.00 per month for tuition, room, board and personal expenses; or
    2. Notarized letter from your parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility for at least $700.00 per month for the student expenses (see example).
    3. Personal bank account statements in student's name showing at least $700 per month for length of stay
  6. CISI Insurance Coverage Letter - This will be sent to you directly via e-mail from CISI once Education Abroad has enrolled you in the UMD insurance plan
    1. This covers the requirement as stated by the consulate: Proof of Health Insurance - documentation that you will have international insurance coverage for health/accident wtih a minimum coverage equal to €30,000 or equivalent in USD during your stay in Spain
    2. This is e-mailed from CISI usually in May for programs that are going in the fall and usually in October for programs that are going in the spring semester. Contact your Education Abroad advisor if you do not receive this.
  7. Letter of acceptance as a full time student from a Spanish University or US program (Ex: Maryland-in-Barcelona students will receive letter from UAB or UPF, Maryland-in-Sevilla students will receive letter from CC-CS)
  8. Self-addressed and Pre-Paid US "Express-Mail" envelope from a US Post Office (the consulate will not accept another courier service like FedEx or UPS) if you wish to have your passport returned by mail.
    • Tracking of mailed items is the sole responsibility of the applicant and it is highly recommended to purchase a tracking number from the Post Office.
    • You do not need to provide this if you plan to pick up your passport in person
  9. $160 visa processing fee in exact change - Payable by CASH ONLY
Students studying in Spain for more than 180 days will also need:
  1. Certificate of Absence of Police Records issued by the state police. This Certificate must bear the "Apostille of The Hague Convention" (Contact the Secretary of State of the issuing state). If the Certificate is issued outside the USA it must be duly legalized by the corresponding Consulate of Spain.
  2. Medical Certificate: Doctor's statement on a doctor or medical center letterhead, indicating that  the student has been examined and found in good physical and mental health to travel to study abroad and is free of contagious diseases.