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Estimated Semester Expenses for Incoming Exchange Students

The expenses listed are totals for one semester unless otherwise noted.
Please note that the budget below is an estimate and will not necessarily apply to all students.
Item Expense    Notes
   SEVIS fee for J-1 Students    $220  
   Visa fee for J-1 Students    $245    As of May 2023
   Startup/Arrival Costs    $250-300    Covers transportation to campus, any meals before
   the dining halls open, furniture or other basic
for dormitories or residences.
   US Cell Phone or SIM card    $30-50 per month    A US cell phone number is required for visa
   On-Campus Housing     $5500    Housing ranges from $4500-6500 for 2023-2024
   based on residence options. The estimate includes 
   early move-in fees for orientation (around $40/night
   for 3-5 nights) and optional break housing during
   Thanksgiving break, Winter break, and Spring
   break, when the campus is closed. See the
   accommodation calendar here:  ResLife: Important
   Off-Campus Housing    $1000 per month       Ranges from $900-1300 per month
   On-Campus Meal Plan    $2,974     Base level dining plan - does not include Dining
   Dollars. See available plans here.
   Off-Campus Food Expenses    $1,600    Without on-campus meal plan
   Books/Supplies    $600  
   Excursions hosted by UMD    $50-100  
   Personal Expenses 
   (local travel and entertainment)   
   $1,600    $100 per week estimate
   Student Activity Fee    $42.50    This fee is the only mandatory fee exchange
   students must pay. Based on 2023-2024 cost.
   Mandatory Student Health
   Insurance Plan (SHIP)
   $1358    2023-2024 rates:
   Full Year: $2,334
   Fall: $978
   Spring/Summer: $1,358