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UMD: A Globally Connected University

Pre-Departure Orientation

 At your pre-departure orientations, you will:
  • Address expectations for your upcoming experience
  • Hear from study abroad alumni and international students about their experiences with the culture of your host region
  • Meet other students who are studying abroad in your host region or on your program
  • Learn how to prepare for your upcoming experience
Mandatory pre-departure events

Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting

All students must attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting. There are no exceptions. For Fall 2021 programs, Pre-Departure Orientation sessions will occur synchronously and virtually on Zoom. Click on your program type to see orientation information:

Mandatory Orientation Information

Maryland Short-term Programs

Students participating in Maryland Short-term programs are required to attend a program-specific meeting with their program director. Your program director will give you the details about the time and date of your meeting.

Maryland Semester Programs (i.e. Maryland-in)

Students participating in a Maryland Semester program will attend a program-specific orientation. Maryland Semester orientations will occur in July. Specific dates and times will be finalized in the coming weeks. EA advisors will notify students of their specific orientation schedule and the information will also be added to this webpage below
Fall/Full Year 2020 Program Date  Time Location
Clark-in-Madrid & Spain ENGR Programs TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Barcelona  TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Copenhagen & Stockholm TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Florence & Maryland-in-Florence (ARCH) TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Nice N/A N/A N/A
Maryland-in-Perugia TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Rome  TBD TBD Virtual
Maryland-in-Sevilla N/A N/A N/A

Exchange, Affiliate, and Other Approved Programs

Students participating in UMD exchanges, affiliate, or approved programs are required to attend a regional orientation. There are different sessions and time blocks for each region. You should attend the session for the location of your study abroad program.

All sessions will take place virtually, on Zoom. Specific times for sessions will be shared by mid May.