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Maryland-in-Rome Housing Overview

Roman Apartment: Casa Romana

All UMD students live in housing AUR provides. There is no independent housing in Rome. Students may request one roommate (the request must be reciprocal), but should expect to live with a mix of study abroad students from other US institutions. The housing is in furnished apartments located in the traditional, well-established neighborhoods of Monteverde, Giancolense, Trastevere, and Colli Portuense. Compared to other parts of Rome, they have more green areas, better access to public transport and are conveniently located to the historic center of Rome. 

AUR housing is well suited for students looking for a "full immersion" cultural experience. While apartments are standardized in terms of basic amenities, they can vary greatly in terms of both proximity to the university, size, and aesthetics. Students must understand that university housing is Italian by nature in every way, including but not limited to its structure, surroundings, utilities and utility providers, furnishings, building maintenance, construction and repairs, neighbors and common rules of good neighbor etiquette. There is generally only one (or a small number of) student apartment unit(s) per building and neighboring residents is typical Italian families who own their apartments. Most apartments have 2-3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. 

All apartments are either within walking distance or conveniently located to public transit routes relative to the university. Travel times to the university vary but generally range between 15 and 35 minutes. Variances in transit times largely depend on bus frequency and local traffic. Many apartments are directly accessible by one direct bus line, while others require a change. Detailed travel instructions to/from the university and an initial supply of public transportation tickets will be provided upon arrival.

The following basic furnishings and supplies are provided:
  • 2-3 shared bedrooms per single-sex, non-smoking apartment
  • basic bed linens and towels
  • typical basic Italian cookware and kitchenware
  • assistance with maintenance and other issues
The following items are usually provided in the apartment, to be shared by all occupants:
  • washing machine 
  • desktop computer with unlimited wireless internet access (Please note: the apartment computer is not meant to serve as the primary academic support resource for the occupants; the university maintains a library and computer lab for these purposes.)
  • landline phone with unlimited calls to landlines within Italy and free incoming calls
Not included:
  • paper and cleaning products
  • light bulbs
  • calls to cellular phones and calls outside of Italy
  • clothes dryer

Housing Costs

Housing costs are included in the Maryland-in-Rome program fee. The cost does not include those items mentioned above as not included in the apartment.

Engaging with Italian Culture while living in AUR-arranged Apartments
Living with other American students in an apartment and attending an American-style university means that you will need to take the initiative to seek out Italian friends and experiences. However, living in an apartment can provide an opportunity for daily interaction with Italian neighbors. You can develop rapport with your neighbors, whom you may see frequently. You will frequent the same local markets and stores in your neighborhood, allowing you the opportunity to develop relationships with those in your community. It will take effort on your part to make friends with other tenants in your building or other Italian college students in Rome - but it can be done! You will, of course, need to respect the fact that you will be in a communal living arrangement. You'll have to be conscious of your noise level as not to disturb your neighbors and possibly jeopardize future students from living in the building. There are "quiet hours" in residential apartments, and as a guest in Italy for a semester, you're expected to abide by them.

Learn more about what housing is like in AUR-facilitated apartments.

What do past AUR students have to say?

"Our living arrangements were secluded enough to interact with locals but close enough to students to interact with them too."
"I really enjoyed my living arrangement because it was convenient to get downtown to the major sites of Rome and was only a 30 minute walk from the school. I felt my living arrangements really helped me interact with the host culture."

"My living arrangements in Rome were great. I loved my roommates, our apartment was huge and we were in the perfect location. Close to school, close to the train station and a short tram ride from all the major sites!"

All information adapted from AUR materials