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Maryland-in-Copenhagen Academic Overview

The Danish Institute for Study Abroad is a government-recognized, high-quality study abroad program established in 1959 with over 1500 students coming each year.  All DIS courses and academic programs are intellectually stimulating and challenging and are all taught in English.  Among alumni and partners, DIS has a reputation of being intense, demanding and rewarding; providing a challenging educational environment in a complete study abroad framework that includes housing, integrated study tours around Europe and a full cultural immersion program.   Most courses will be taken at DIS; however, some course offerings take place at the University of Copenhagen or the Copenhagen Business School.

Academic Structure

Maryland-in-Copenhagen students can enroll in 12 to 15 credits.  The curriculum is comprised of the following:
Course Credits Notes
Elective courses (UMD resident credit and transfer credit) 15 Facilitated by Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)

Course Descriptions

Elective classes at DIS are offered for UMD resident or transfer credit.  Students will choose from a variety of elective courses are offered in English within a wide variety of academic disciplines. Please note that Danish Language and Culture courses fulfill the General Education requirement of Diversity - Cultural Competency at UMD.

Students will be required to register for classes online through the DIS website after they have been accepted to the program by UMD and have created an account on the DIS website.

Students are permitted to audit courses, but no credit is awarded for audited courses and audited courses will not count towards the required minimum of credits that students must take.

Academic Policies

All students are also expected to adhere to the academic policies of the institution where they are registered (DIS).  Students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings.  Final exams are held at the end of the semester and are mandatory for all students. DIS has its own exam schedule.

UMD students are also held to the UMD code of academic integrity while participating on this program.

Credit & Grading

The Maryland-in-Copenhagen program is a hybrid credit program. This means that all students take a combination of resident credit (RC) and transfer credit (TC) while they are abroad.  To see which courses are RC and which are TC, please refer to the Maryland-in-Copenhagen Course Offerings.

Resident Credit: Applies to courses that will show up on the UMD registration and for which you will receive a grade that is factored into your cumulative GPA.

Transfer Credit: Courses that are not counted as resident credit may be evaluated and approved as transfer credit. Equivalents for transfer credits and applicability to degree will be determined by your academic advisor.  While the grades for transfer credit courses are not factored into your cumulative GPA, the following conditions apply to all transfer credits:

    (1)    You may NOT take courses on a Pass/Fail basis.
    (2)    You must receive the equivalent of a C- or better in a given subject in order for the course credit to transfer to UMD.

DIS utilizes a US credit and grading system.  Please refer to the DIS website for their grading policy.

At the end of the semester, DIS will provide transcripts to Education Abroad for evaluation. EA will post any resident credit grades and evaluate transfer course for credit. If a student believes there has been an error with one or more grades, contact the program Coordinator in Education Abroad who will be able to request a grade report from your host institution.