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Maryland-in-Sevilla Academic Overview

This overview provides information about the academic structure of the Maryland-in-Sevilla program as well as information about the program tracks available at UMD's partner institution, the Center for Cross-Cultural Study (CC-CS).

Academic Structure

The Maryland-in-Sevilla program is designed to promote cultural and linguistic immersion. In partnership with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Education Abroad offers this program for students who are serious about making gains in their Spanish language proficiency and deepening their understanding of Spanish and Sevillano culture. All coursework is conducted in Spanish and challenges students to build on existing language skills by pledging to speak only Spanish during the semester abroad. The coursework is complemented by structured activities and opportunities to meet Spanish students and interact with people in Sevilla through internships, service-learning, and intercambio language exchanges.

Students will enroll in 13-18 credits. The curriculum is comprised of the following:




Spanish Language (intensive 3 week course)


Taught at CC-CS

CC-CS Program Tracks


Taught at CC-CS/U de Sevilla/ U Pablo de Olavide

SPAN 343: Cultural Realities of Spain 1 Taught at CC-CS and administered the entirety of the program

All coursework, taught in Spanish, is designed to advance students' Spanish language proficiency and understanding of Spanish culture. All enrolled students will take a language pledge to speak only Spanish during their time in Spain.

Course Descriptions

Spanish Language (intensive 3-week course)

The semester begins with an intensive study of Spanish language and culture to prepare you for the rest of your semester coursework. Students will take a placement assessment and select one 3-credit Spanish communication course. In addition, students will select a 1-credit Spanish language module course focused on reading, writing, listening or speaking.

CC-CS Program Tracks
After the 3-week intensive language courses, students will begin their coursework in one of two program tracks:


Credit & Course Registration

The Maryland-in-Sevilla program is a resident credit program. This means that all students take a combination of resident credit while they are abroad. Resident Credit courses are courses that will show up on the UM registration and for which you will receive a grade that is factored into your cumulative GPA.

Students accepted to the program will receive instructions on how to register for coursework through Spanish Studies Abroad after admissions notifications are sent.