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Creating Your Directory ID and Password
      In order to apply for a Freshmen Abroad program (Terrapin Take Off and Destination Rome & Sydney), you must be accepted to the University of Maryland-College Park and have created a Directory ID and password. These steps will help you in the process:

1. Create your Directory ID and Password - You will create your ID and Password through Office of Information Technology (OIT) Welcome Page.   Click "Activate Account." The last name field is case-sensitive, so make sure to capitalize your last nameFollow the steps on the webpage, and you should have your ID created in no time! You will use this ID and Password for the entire time you are at the University of Maryland!

not done so already, login to your UMD Online Application and respond to your offer of admission to the university.  Keep in mind that it may take the system up to 48 hours to process your decision.

2. Confirm your Acceptance to Maryland - Please Note: Students admitted to University of Maryland must submit a $400 non-refundable enrollment deposit to confirm their spot at the university.  You are allowed to apply to a Freshmen Abroad Program (Terrapin Take-Off, Destination Sydney, and Destination Rome) without submitting this deposit.  You will not, however, be considered committed to the program and allowed to participate until you pay the deposit and confirm your intention to attend the University. The deadline to commit to the university is May 1st.
3.  Apply to a UMD Study Abroad Program! - With your acceptance confirmed and Directory ID and password created, you can now apply to a UMD Freshmen Abroad program through our MyEA system.  Once you have applied and completed all materials, your application will then be reviewed.  Please feel free to contact us about questions regarding the application process and review.   

4.  Other Things You Can Do with the Directory ID and Password:  With the ID and password, you can do several other things at UMD:
  • Login to Testudo to review your class schedule, check your student financial account, and eventually track your grades and progress at UMD.