Visa Guidelines- Japan
Visa Guidelines
What is the difference between a visa and a residence permit?
A visa is a legal document from immigration authorities which shows you have permission to enter the country for a certain amount of time. In the case of Japan, a visa permits foreigners to enter the country for 90 days on a visa.

Is a Visa Required for US Citizens?
  • Yes! US Passport Holders are required to apply for a visa in order to enter Japan
  • If you are not a US passport holder, you can click here to see if you need a visa to enter Japan based on your nationality
  • Visa fees are waived for US citizens
Important notes
The Study (Student) Visa Application requires a “Certificate of Eligibility” from the Ministry of Justice of Japan and one photocopy. The Certificate is will be provided by your host university sponsor as part of your post-acceptance documentation. Make sure that you pay close attention to this document.

List of requirements
Review the list of required documents for the Study Visa Application on Consulate webpage for the Embassy of Japan.
  • A valid US passport
  • Visa Application Form to Enter Japan (available here), completely filled out and signed
  • 1 (one) recent photo (2"x 2") in passport format attached to application form
  • Original "Certificate of Eligibility" from the Ministry of Justice of Japan and one photocopy
  • Copy of University of Maryland Student ID Card: applicable to out-of-state students applying at the Embassy 
Application process
Print and assemble these documents with all required copies with the rest of your Visa Application Form to Enter Japan (see above), and then submit it to the Visa Office at the Embassy of Japan at:
2520 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
As a general rule, the visa applicant should come in person with exception of applications for diplomatic/official visas and applications through formal application agencies. The application may take up to five business days in order to process; after which time you will be notified that your visa is available for pick up.